We have a number of our own Guinea pigs which are much treasured pets.  

Here are a few of our permanent residents who occasionally give us some lovely babies, some of which we sell to good homes – please see our for sale page for further details.

Toby dutch guinea pig



Toby is our original guinea pig who started us off with our love of cavies. He was bought from a local breeder as a pet for my middle son and is an excellent father


This is fudge, our first female guinea pig. She is an excellent mother and is always out to greet you at the bars of the hutch first thing in a morning. She recently has a litter of 7. She belongs to my elder son

Fudge lilac dutch guinea pig


Maxwell Himalayan guinea pig



Maxwell our Himalayan, (or Max as we call him ) was obtained from a local children’s farm as my younger son fell in love with him on a visit. He is a wow with the ladies and insists on the rabbit giving him a daily all over wash


Ruby was bought, along with Harvey from a retiring breeder in Yorkshire . She was a lilac/gold/white alpaca and is the quietest, softest guinea pig you could ever hope to meet, always there to greet you when the car reverses down the drive. We sadly lost Ruby a few weeks ago after an emergency caesarian section

Ruby Alpaca guinea pig


Harvey Alpaca guinea pig



Ruby’s partner from the same breeder in Yorkshire . A lilac/white alpaca. He is adorable and very gentle. He and Ruby had 3 litters


Our recently acquired sheltie is still settling in nicely. He was only 16 wks old when this was taken but is a whopper. Beautifully marked

Truffles sheltie guinea pig


Sammy Abyssinian guinea pig



Samantha was bought by my middle son with his birthday money as he always wanted a “scruffy” guinea pig. She was our first Abyssinian and has produced several litters for us. A real sweetie


Scruffy is the offspring of Sammy and Toby, he was one of two babies, the other sadly being handicapped and dying. He was our first Abyssinian baby

Scruffy Abyssinian guinea pig


Canute coronet guinea pig



He is our latest addition a coronet from a local family where their guinea pigs had unexpected babies. He produces an occasional merino in his litters


Two young Peruvians ladies recently acquired both about 12 weeks old and quite little characters

Candy Peruvian guinea pigFloss Peruvian guinea pig


 Daisy Peruvian guinea pig


DAISY (1) 

This is Daisy, our first Peruvian, who was pregnant when we got her from a breeder who was discontinuing. She is the mum to Belle (below)


Belle is the original Daisy’s baby (above). She was one of four babies which she had whilst they were away boarding and we were on holiday, the babies not being due. She was the only one of the four to survive hence we kept her

Belle Peruvian guinea pig


Squeaker crested guinea pig



Squeaker was originally a pet belonging to another family who felt they couldn’t give him the attention he needed hence we said we’d have him. He certainly lives up to his name and is very talkative


Snowflake is another of Fudge’s babies who nobody wanted so we kept her. She is a crested DE white

Snowflake crested dutch guinea pig


Daemon guinea pig




Daemon and Battenburg are the recent offspring of Fudge and scruffy, they were named as Battenburg is split colour wise like the cake of the same name and daemon after the kids went to see the Golden Compass, Oliver adopted him as “his daemon"

Angel Lunkarya guinea pig



This is one of our our first lunkaryas we purchased, he is only a few weeks old and we will breed from him in due course


This is another one of our our first lunkarya we purchased, she is only a few weeks old and is Angel’s sister. She is the most vocal of or Lunkarya’s and is always there to greet you when you get home

Fiona Lunkarya guinea pig


Digger Lunkarya guinea pig



Another Lunkarya unrelated to Angel and any of the others, he is a beauty and very confident


She is another Lunkarya who has already had a litter but not for us.  

All of these were obtained from S Green in Stowmarket

Sugar Lunkarya guinea pig