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Occasionally our pets do have babies, some of which we sell to loving homes only. All  Guinea Pigs for sale will be sold in pairs unless it is to accompany another pig as they are communal animals and need company. We do keep a number of breeds of guinea pig and the page is constantly updated. If you do not see what you are after, please feel free to contact us and we can advise you if and when we may have any due. we also have contacts with other breeders who may have what you are looking for. We also occasionally have gerbils for sale also.

All guinea pigs will be reserved for 1 week pending receiving a 50% deposit or full payment. Full payment will be expected within 14 days. Any Guinea pig not paid for and collected within the 14 days will be re offered for sale and monies lost. Unfortunately we have had to become strict due to people letting us down but WE ARE FLEXIBLE, we know things happen, so if there is a problem, please contact us immediately to avoid losing your piggy.

We can also supply starter packs for your guinea pigs when you purchase them with everything you need (except the hutch or cage) at a substantial discount to shop prices please see our shopping page for more details

All our piggies are available from 6 weeks old and are well handled and used to children, squirrels, large birds in the garden. All will be sold having been treated for any parasites. They are all sold in good health and good faith and obviously we cannot be responsible for their welfare once out of our hands. If there is any major problem within the next few days after you receive your animal, please contact us immediately and we will try to help. We are always available for advice and will help as far as possible regarding any guinea pig matters.

We reserve the right to refuse any sale we deem inappropriate. We will only sell to adults, hence anyone under 18 must bring a responsible adult with them who is willing to accept responsibility for the care of the animal or the animal will not be allowed to leave the premises

The Purchaser(s) further agrees that the Guinea Pig will be kept in appropriate conditions for its health and welfare and will be fed a suitable diet for its age and condition, and receive all necessary veterinary care to maintain good health.

OUR CURRENT NURSERY                   

We usually have the following breeds and colours in our nursery at various times. some from show winning stock, please contact for further details and photos.

Peruvian, Himalayan, Alpaca, Alpaca cross, Sheltie, Coronet, Abysinnian, Lilac, Self Cream, Self Buff, Self White, Rex and dutch babies.

Currently available we have lilan mixes, buff, abysinnian, dutch, rex, lunkarya and coronet babies in the nursery

We also have satins available from time to time (1 presently)



We currently have several expectant mums – most can be seen on our resident’s page along with the fathers

Please contact for details if this is of interest to you, baby pictures will be posted when they arrive

Silva-white and silver ridgeback Father Squeaker agouti/white crested
Bramble black/orange brindle Father Squeaker agouti/white crested
Candy tri coloured abysinnian Father Scruffy B+W Abysinnian
Floss Roan Abysinnian Father Scruffy B+W Abysinnian


14.1.09 Dizzy roan abysinnian  3 babies 2 abi red sow, roan boar, 1 dutch type boar
15.1.09 candy 2 abi